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Owning a vehicle means owning a sophisticated machine that requires regular preventative maintenance for optimum performance. If you count every bolt, nut, and screw, most vehicles will have around 30,000 parts. With so many dynamic and stationary parts, it’s vital to proactively service and maintain your vehicle via preventative maintenance or factory-recommended maintenance. At Wheeland’s Auto & Truck Service in New Hampshire, our skilled team offers comprehensive preventative maintenance services for all types of vehicles:

Domestic Vehicle Maintenance
Asian Vehicle Maintenance
European Vehicle Maintenance
Diesel Maintenance Services
Light-duty & Medium-duty Maintenance Services

No matter the make or model of your vehicle, the experts at Wheeland’s Auto & Truck Service can and will help. Contact Wheeland’s Auto & Truck Service today for preventative maintenance and factory-recommended maintenance.


Factory-recommended maintenance includes all the service items your vehicle’s manufacturer suggests. Whether it’s an oil change, tire rotation, fluid exchange, engine tuneup, or any other service suggested by the manufacturer, each one is critical. The majority of factory-recommended maintenance services should be performed every 30,000 miles. It’s vital to have the suggested services at the intervals suggested by the manufacturer. Here are a few reasons why:

Maintenance helps prolong the life of your vehicle and maximize your return on investment.

Maintenance ensures your warranty remains intact. If your vehicle has a warranty, every manufacturer or warranty company will require you to have maintenance. Neglecting to have the suggested services can result in your warranty being voided.

Maintenance helps save you money. When you have maintenance, our mechanic can spot smaller or minor issues before they evolve into more expensive repairs.

Maintenance bolsters the resale value of your vehicle. Car shoppers will pay more for a well-kept and well-maintained vehicle.

How Often Should I Have Factory-Recommended Maintenance?

Most manufacturers suggest you have factory-recommended maintenance every 30,000 miles. As such, the typical interval for factory-recommended maintenance is:


Mile Maintenance


Mile Maintenance


Mile Maintenance

What Services Are Performed During Factory-Recommended Maintenance?

Every vehicle is different. As such, you should refer to your owner’s manual about the specific services performed at each interval, such as:

Oil Change and Filter Change

Tire Rotation and Inspection

Filter Replacements

Fluid Inspections, Refills, and Replacement

Belt and Hose Replacement and Inspection

Brake System Service and Inspection

Engine Tuneup

Timing Belt or Chain Inspection and Replacement

Wheel Alignments

Chassis and Suspension Repairs


Preventative maintenance is a much broader approach, extending beyond the manufacturer’s recommendations. During preventative maintenance at Wheeland’s Auto & Truck Service, your technician completes the checklist from the owner’s manual, ensuring they address every issue on the list. We will also perform several other inspections and services to protect your vehicle and maximize performance.

For example, if we notice worn parts or components, we can proactively replace this part before it impacts other parts or causes a breakdown. In either case, the benefits of preventative maintenance are essentially the same as factory-recommended maintenance.

Wheeland's Auto & Truck Service Offers Domestic, European, and Asian Vehicle Maintenance Services

Whether you drive a Toyota, Subaru, Dodge, Chevrolet, Ford, or virtually any other model, Wheeland’s Auto & Truck Service can help. Our ASE-certified mechanics and technicians can perform every factory-recommended maintenance service suggested by the manufacturer. If we spot wear and tear during our inspection, we boast the expertise to offer the appropriate auto repair services. Simply put, we are your one-stop auto repair and preventative maintenance center.

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Avoid dealership mark-ups! Get top-notch preventative and factory-recommended maintenance services without the high price tag. Wheeland’s Auto & Truck Service offers dealership-quality maintenance solutions for less. Because we do not have the massive overhead of a dealership, we can pass our savings on to you in the form of lower auto repair and maintenance services. In addition, when you choose Wheeland’s Auto & Truck Service, you will enjoy a world-class experience at every turn:

Prioritize Preventative Maintenance in Temple, NH with Wheeland's Auto & Truck Service Expertise

Every time you start your vehicle, you’re placing trust in its numerous components. This trust is built on the foundation of consistent and expert preventative maintenance. At Wheeland’s Auto & Truck Service, we understand the importance of preemptive care. It’s not merely about addressing issues as they arise but foreseeing potential challenges and ensuring your vehicle remains in peak condition.

Whether you’re seeking guidance on the intricacies of your vehicle’s specific needs, contemplating an immediate service, or laying down plans for its next scheduled check-up, our team is poised to assist. You can reach out to us directly by calling 603-924-8544. If you’re in the area, feel free to drop by our welcoming facility at 18 NH Route 45, Temple, NH. For those who prefer an online touchpoint, our easy-to-navigate contact form is at your disposal.

Wheeland’s Auto & Truck Service is where dedication to preventative maintenance and automotive expertise converge. Entrust us with your vehicle’s future, and drive with renewed confidence.