Suspension Repair & Service

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Seeking top-tier suspension and steering service in Temple, NH? Look no further. Wheeland’s Auto & Truck Service specialize in providing comprehensive suspension repair & service for all vehicle types.

Your vehicle’s steering and suspension system is a dynamic network of shock-absorbing components. This interconnected network of parts work together to support road handling and ride quality. Even though the steering and suspension system is durable, you will eventually need suspension repair and service. And the team at Wheeland’s Auto & Truck Service can help.

At Wheeland’s Auto & Truck Service, we offer suspension repair and service for virtually all makes and models of vehicles, including:

Domestic Vehicle Suspension Repair
Asian Vehicle Suspension Repair
Diesel Vehicle Suspension Repair
Light-duty and Medium-duty Truck Suspension Repair

Understanding Your Suspension and Steering System

Your steering and suspension components work around the clock to absorb energy from bumps and potholes. Your suspension system also ensures yout tires remain in constant contact with the road. The primary parts of your suspension system include:

Coil springs absorb the impact of the vibrations when you drive over bumps in the road.
Shock absorbers or dampers support the coils whenever your vehicle encounters bumps.
Rods and linkages securely connect different suspension components.
Bearings and joints allow suspension parts and components to move.
The anti-sway bar responds to steering inputs and helps stabilize the direction of your vehicle.

Signs You Need Suspension Repair & Service

Your vehicle may offer distinct signs when you need suspension and steering service. Some of the most common include:

If you notice these signs, you most likely need suspension repair & service at Wheeland’s Auto & Truck Service. Whether you need shocks and struts replacement, wheel alignment, or any other service, the ASE-certified mechanics at Wheeland’s Auto & Truck Service offer fast and efficient repair services.

Shocks & Struts Replacement for Domestic, Asian and Diesel Vehicles

One of the most common suspension repair services we perform at Wheeland’s Auto & Truck Service is shock and strut replacement. While shocks and struts are often discussed in concert, they are different parts:

Shocks or shock absorbers are situated behind your tires and help stabilize your vehicle, preventing it from bouncing.

Car struts combine a spring and shock assembly into a single unit. Struts are heavy-duty, weight-bearing parts that soften your ride and hold the tire in position.

Most manufacturers suggest shock replacement every 30,000 miles. However, you may need strut replacement less frequently.

Comprehensive Suspension Repair & Service

In addition to shock and strut replacement, Wheeland’s Auto & Truck Service offers all other suspension and steering repair services, such as:

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