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Expert Tire Solutions & Precision Alignments at Wheeland's Auto & Truck Service

Wheeland’s Auto & Truck Service has been the premier center for tire sales and tire services since 1989 in Temple, NH. We provide a broad range of tire sales and services for all makes and models of vehicles, including:

Simply put, we are your one-stop shop for your vehicle’s tire needs.


Need new tires? Wheeland’s Auto & Truck Service can help. Whether you need new tires for your domestic or Asian vehicle, diesel truck, or any other vehicle, we will match you to the best and most cost-effective solution. Wheeland’s Auto & Truck Service offers an extensive array of new tires from the top brands, including:




Dunlop Tires


Falken Tires

Firestone Tires

Hankook Tires

Pirelli Tires

Yokohama Tires


In New Hampshire and the northeastern United States, you need the right tires for the season. Fortunately, Wheeland’s Auto & Truck Service can help you choose the best tires for the season and your budget. Our selection includes:

All-Season Tires

Summer Tires

Touring Tires

Mud-Terrain Tires

Winter and Snow Tires

And More

Tire Mounting and Balancing In Temple, NH

After you choose the best tires, we will mount and balance your tires to perfection. Tire balancing ensures even weight distribution across your tires. Properly balanced tires can increase tread life, maximize tire performance, and deliver a smoother and more enjoyable ride. Wheeland’s Auto & Truck Service leverages state-of-the-art equipment to ensure proper tire balancing.

Tire Repair Services

As the only part of your vehicle that contacts the road, your tires are under constant duress. At any time, hazards like broken glass, potholes, and nails can damage your tires. When damage strikes, trust Wheeland’s Auto & Truck Service for the best and most comprehensive tire repair services. To save you money, we will always look to offer tire patching or plugging repair services. However, if any of the following conditions exist, tire repair may not be a viable option:

Wheel Alignments In Temple, NH

Despite the name, wheel alignments have little to nothing to do with your wheels. Instead, wheel alignments involve a readjustment of different suspension angles. These angles directly impact your ability to steer and are measurements of how your wheels contact the road:

The camber angle denotes the outward or inward tilt of your tires when viewed from the front.
Toe angle expresses how much your tires turn outward or inward when looking at your vehicle from above.
The caster angle is the angle of your steering axis whenever viewed from the side of your vehicle.


Most modern vehicles include a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). Anytime your TPMS light is on, your tires need attention. However, sometimes the actual TPMS system is malfunctioning and needs repair. In either case, Wheeland’s Auto & Truck Service can help.


Tire rotation is a fundamental service that facilitates even tire wear, which can increase the life of your tires. Regular tire rotation is a factory-recommended maintenance service and is often required to protect the integrity of your warranty. At Wheeland’s Auto & Truck Service, we offer tire rotation services based on the manufacturer’s suggested pattern and interval. Whether it’s front-to-back, side-to-side, or any other rotation pattern, Wheeland’s Auto & Truck Service can help.

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